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2021-11-02 13:14

Visual hypertension is usually used to portray any condition where the tension inside the eye, known as intraocular pressure, is higher than typical. 

At least two clinic visits, an intraocular pressure more noteworthy than 21 mm Hg is estimated in one or the two eyes. An instrument called a tonometer is utilized to gauge the strain inside the eye. The optic nerve gives off an impression of being in an acceptable condition. 

Visual field testing, which assesses your fringe (or side) vision, uncovers no indications of glaucoma. 

An eye specialist (a clinical specialist who works in eye care and medical procedure) assesses whether your seepage framework (called the "point") is open or shut to decide other potential reasons for your high eye pressure. A procedure known as gonioscopy is utilized to decide the point. The waste points (or channels) in your eyes are analyzed utilizing an exceptional contact focal point to decide if they are open, restricted, or shut. 

As recently expressed, expanded intraocular strain can be brought about by an assortment of eye conditions. Notwithstanding, for the motivations behind this article, visual hypertension is characterized as expanded intraocular strain with next to no optic nerve harm or vision misfortune. Glaucoma is analyzed when trademark optic nerve and vision changes happen, as a rule with raised eye pressure however some of the time with ordinary tension. 

Raised intraocular pressure is a wellspring of worry in individuals with visual hypertension since it is one of the essential danger factors for glaucoma. High intraocular pressure is brought about by an unevenness in the creation and waste of liquid in the eye (fluid humor). The seepage channels that ordinarily channel liquid from within the eye are not working as expected. 

Individuals with extremely thick yet ordinary corneas often have eye pressures that are higher than typical, if not somewhat higher. Their tensions might be ordinary and lower, yet the thick corneas cause an erroneously high perusing during estimations. 

By far most individuals experiencing visual hypertension have no manifestations. Subsequently, normal eye tests with an eye specialist are crucial to preclude any optic nerve harm brought about by hypertension. 

A glaucoma expert will perform tests to decide intraocular strain and preclude early essential open-point glaucoma or auxiliary reasons for glaucoma. The subtleties of these tests are given beneath. 

At first, your visual sharpness, or how well you can see an article, is evaluated. Your vision keenness will be tried by your eye specialist by having you peruse letters from across the room while utilizing an eye graph. 

A cut light magnifying instrument is utilized to analyze the front of your eyes, including your cornea, foremost chamber, iris, and focal point.

Treating ocular hypertension

Natural remedies

  • Because ocular hypertension is frequently seen in people who have diabetes, are obese, or have high blood pressure, it is critical to control these risk factors - which can be accomplished with simple dietary changes. Patients are advised to avoid salt, cut back on sugar, and eat a healthy diet rich in grains, fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, lean protein, and fish.

  • According to the Mayo Clinic, staying hydrated can help reduce eye pressure throughout the day. On the other hand, drinking a large amount of water at once is not recommended because it can raise blood pressure.

  • Just as stress can cause an increase in blood pressure, it can also cause an increase in ocular pressure. Reducing stress is thus an excellent way to lower ocular pressure.

  • Caffeine is a stimulant that has been linked to an increase in blood pressure. Reduce your consumption of caffeinated foods and beverages to help lower your ocular pressure.

Clinical ways to treat ocular hypertension

Careprost: The best eye drop you can choose

Careprost is one of the most well known names in the field of eye-care. It is an eye drop introduced by the company Sun Pharma and is used to treat many eye problems, but mainly glaucoma. 

Careprost contains 0.03% bimatoprost as its active component and this is the factor which has the main work to reduce pressure in the eyes. The ocular pressure in the eyes is maintained by a balance between the new liquid and drainage of the excessed liquid. When this balance hampers, which means when the excess fluid is not drained, it gets deposited in the eye thus increasing the pressure inside the eye which leads to irritation, redness, discomfort etc. 

Careprost is a prescription eye drop which means it is prescribed by your doctor and you shouldn't try to alter the doses according to your way. Follow the dosage instructions given by your doctor. Do not overapply the eye drop. If you got excess application and feel itchiness or any other kind of discomfort, wash your eyes with cold water immediately. 

Close your eyes for 2-3 minutes without blinking or squeezing them after putting a drop of Careprost in them. Make sure the dropper you are using is clean and it, in no ways, comes in contact with your eyes.

Side effects of Careprost

  • Itchy eyes

  • Pain in eyes

  • Swelling and redness of eyes

  • Darker skin color around the eyes

  • Increased growth of eyelashes

  • Blurred vision

What you need to know prior to having Careprost?

Careprost is a prescription eye drop so every age group may or may not be liable to use it. In general, pregnant and breastfeeding women must consult their doctor before applying Careprost. Small children should be kept strictly away from the medicine. 

Vision blurring is a common aspect of Careprost after applying it. So keep in mind not to drive or do any other work which requires your full engagement and vision.

Alcohol is generally safe to consume with Careprost, but at its best, consult your doctor. If you are a heavy drinker, you may have to limit your daily consumption to avoid complications.

Since Careprost is a drug interactive eye drop too, Misoprostol, Dinoprostone, and other drugs in the same class as Careprost can result in negative interaction. The same is the case with abnormally using other drugs, herbal supplements, or other supplements to avoid clinical interference. Speak with your doctor for more information.

Careprost  is an eye drop which might cause dry eyes in some people so you may have to look into that as well. The effect of the medicine shows in about 4-16 weeks usually however time differs for every person. The medicine should be stored at a cool, dark and dry place without exposing it to sunlight, humidity or dirt.