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 6 мая 2022, 08:31
Buy Prejac online-know uses,reviews,side effects etc.,

Prejac tablets are an ideal solution for all men who complain about ejaculation or male erectile dysfunction. The pills provide a slow orgasm so that both you and your partner can get more satisfaction from your sex life. Accelerated ejaculation is often congenital or acquired.

Within the first case, the person always reacts too quickly to penetration and easily doesn't understand how to regulate the onset of orgasm. In the second case, ejaculation results from fatigue, stress, and nervous experiences. Regardless of the reason, Prejac Pills will effectively reduce the impact of ejaculation on your life.

The tablets should be taken about one hour before planned sexual activity. Take one tablet with lots of water. The drug will start working within an hour. 1 tablet is meant for men weighing 100 kilograms. For people that weigh much less, half a pill should be intended. For those people using Prejac for the first time or without clinical indication, the recommended dose could be a quarter of a tablet.

Tablets for prolonging sexuality remain active for 6-8 hours after ingestion and increase the duration of intercourse 4-5 times. The drug itself mustn't be taken regularly. You should also remember not to mix the medication with alcoholic drinks, especially if you're also taking a stimulant. You'll be able only to take the drugs once every day.

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