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2022-11-30 09:28

Blue Pill Vs Pink Pill

For men and ladies, mating and intimacy have different meanings. They need different choices and preferences. Lately, a drug referred to as “female Viagra” has hit the market.

This drug may be a treatment for female sexual dysfunction. However, many of us confuse the drug with a female version of Viagra. Viagra may be a popular drug used as a treatment for male sexual dysfunction.

But, consistent with the experts, Viagra and feminine Viagra are completely different. And therefore the name, “female Viagra” doesn’t suit the drugs because it creates much confusion.

So, the name given to the medication for FSD and FSAD is simply for the marketing purpose and doesn’t have any scientific background

The first drug, which addressed female sexual dysfunction, was female Viagra. FDA has approved this drug as a treatment for low concupiscence in women. This drug also can treat hypoactive concupiscence disorder (HSDD), FSAD, and FSD in women.

Approximately, all in ten women suffer from HSDD at some stage in their life. HSDD has often developed thanks to many reasons like low-self esteem, stress, psychological reasons, anxiety, mental disorders, relationship troubles, and lots of other reasons.

The actual mode of labor for female Viagra isn’t much clear. However, tests and research have shown that female Viagra affects the brain's neurotransmitters. It balances out the imbalance that was liable for low libido in the first place.

As per the FDA, the minimal dosage of 100mg per day before sleeping can show good results for ladies affected by HSDD. If this treatment doesn’t work or show results within 8 weeks, then it’s advisable to discontinue the medication.

It is a prescription-only drug so; you’ll buy the drugs only a specialist prescribes them to you.

As per the test conducted by the FDA, 2400 women affected by symptoms of HSDD were placed on female Viagra. These women ingested a light dosage of 100mg for about 24 weeks.

Tests show that a lot of women experienced improvements in their drive. Moreover, these women also noticed an improvement in overall stress levels, and mood swings were on top of things.

The common side effects of female Viagra are sleepiness, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, and fatigue.

How are the pink and blue pills different?

Female Viagra helps in improving mood and increases libido by working on the neurotransmitters. However, male Viagra Lovegra works by improving the general blood circulation within the body.

It relaxes the muscles that carry blood into the penis and soon provides more blood supply thereto. Viagra has been in the marketplace for almost 20 years now. Until now, no such medication was available for ladies.

However, many ladies have used Viagra for recreational purposes. This drug came as a magical potion, especially for ladies who are in their postmenopausal and premenopausal stages.

The male and feminine versions of Viagra are very different. Allow us to throw some light on the difference between the 2 drugs.

It comes in a typical girly pink color and not blue.

The most evident difference between Viagra and Addyi is the color of the pills. While flibanserin is pink, viagra is blue in hue. Pink is understood to be women’s favorite color, so after consuming the drugs, women will fall crazy with this medicine also.

1. you’ll consume Lovegra everyday

Men usually take Viagra 30 – 40 minutes prior the sexual intercourse. This provides them more confidence throughout the intercourse. However, in the case of flibanserin, you’ve got to consume the drugs as per an entire course. This pill acts on the neurotransmitters of the brain therefore the results aren’t instant. You’ve got to twiddle my thumbs when consuming Lovegra (Sildenafil) pink pill. The pill comes under the category of a prescription-only drug, so you’ll take this medicine only a doctor/specialist gives to you. Moreover, you want to consume this drug only as per your doctor’s directions.

2. Flibanserin works on the neurotransmitters and not the blood circulation

When a person is sexually aroused, this drug enhances the assembly of nitrates and gas . These gases help in expanding the arteries and therefore the blood vessels, which carry blood to the penis. Whereas, flibanserin works like an anti-depressant.

It works on the neurotransmitters present within the brain. As a result, you’ll witness improvements in mood and libido.

Viagra mainly works to form up for any blockage or abnormality that hampers proper erections. It doesn’t improve drive as within the case of Flibanserin.

3. Flibanserin possesses less severe side effects than the blue pill

Medications for male erectile dysfunction like TadalafilSildenafiland Levitra have many side effects also.

The blue pill's well-known negative effects include:

  • Dizziness

  • Tingling sensation in jaw, feet, neck, arms, or chest, numbness

  • Nausea

  • Flushing

  • Headache

  • Priapism

In the case of priapism, which means erection for quite four hours, call medical assistance ASAP. It’s going to cause permanent damage to the penis.

Some more severe side effects are:

  • Vision loss

  • Change in color perception

  • Loss of hearing

  • Heart disease

  • Cholesterol

  • Eye problems

Avoid the drugs just in case of subsequent disorders:

  • angina or heart diseases

  • hypotension or hypertension

  • stroke or attack

  • Kidney or disease

  • retinitis pigmentosa

  • Peyronie’s disease

The side effects of flibanserin are:

  • Dizziness

  • Difficulty in sleeping

  • Nausea

  • Fatigue and tiredness

  • Dry mouth

  • Low vital sign

  • Loss of consciousness and fainting

The pink pill comes with the following warnings:

  • Pregnant women shouldn’t take the drug

  • Breastfeeding women should avoid consuming it

  • Do not take the drug alongside alcohol

  • Refrain from this drug just in case of kidney and liver disorder

The woman Viagra has a lower success rate than blue pills

The pink pill is new on the market. Many specialists are suggesting that the drug might not be as successful as Viagra.

The success rate of Viagra is somewhere between 48-81%, which suggests the drug is going to be effective for four out of 5 men. However, within the case of flibanserin, many other factors like mood, partner, stress level, and relationship troubles play a crucial role.

Women’s sexual mechanism is extremely complicated. Therefore, the results of the pink pill are subject to vary from person to person.

2022-05-20 14:58

Here's how to avoid laziness while studying with simple tips to help you stay motivated and focus on your work. These simple tips and tricks will help you stay focused while studying. While these 5 tips are the only ones you need to overcome your laziness to learn, they won't help you if you don't decide to start. Here in this article, you will get some very useful and beneficial tips that you can follow to stay awake during long hours of study.


The good news is that there are many ways to beat laziness. Laziness is caused by a number of factors, including fatigue, boredom, and depression, and while learning how to stop being lazy will help you deal with the worst bouts of laziness, feelings of laziness will never completely go away—and that's okay. as long as you learn to overcome them when necessary. It is necessary to prevent laziness and get rid of it as quickly as possible, whenever it comes. Various reasons contribute to our laziness while studying or doing office work, etc. and it is difficult to get rid of laziness when we are doing what we have to do.


The feeling of laziness that accompanies studying often comes from not looking at the work we are doing. Laziness doesn't always show up as work fatigue—it can also show up as you notice something seemingly more interesting than what you're currently doing.


Laziness will always be a problem when you have a lot to do and don't know where to start. Laziness usually occurs when we do not dedicate ourselves to something or do not focus enough on our studies. This laziness may occur to us while we are studying because the topic is uninteresting and boring.


Like all difficult things, procrastination and laziness can easily show up when you decide to study. If you keep studying in the same stagnant position for long hours, you will most likely surround yourself with laziness and sleepiness. Take a few breaks between classes, and you will notice that there is less laziness while studying. The same rule applies to the times of the day when you want to study because forcing yourself to work at unproductive times can only lead to procrastination.


If you can attend classes when you feel like it, wake up when you feel like it, and study when you feel like it, you will be too lazy because you are in your comfort zone. Be organized and sit in a place where you won't be disturbed, be organized first and keep everything you need close at hand during your study session because sometimes getting out of your chair and being productive will diminish your ability and make you feel lethargic.


If you really want to study well, you have to get rid of all forms of distraction, make sure you have everything you need to study, and you don't have to get up from your seat and ask anyone for anything. If you want to start studying, you have to decide that you want to study and delete everything that makes you too lazy to study for the exam. In fact, the best way to solve this problem is to study outside your comfort zone and eliminate everything that makes you lazy to prepare for the exam.


The best way to avoid laziness while studying is to make your study time something you need to do. Making a study plan is actually very important if you want to complete your exam schedule on time. If you want to prepare your study plan, include a few hours before school time so that the food is digested before school time starts. Do not eat too much before class, most students make the mistake of eating too much before class, which will end up feeling bored and lazy during class, so develop the habit of eating only light and sufficient food. , also avoid junk and fatty foods because eating these foods will make you sleepy.


If you are a student, you have probably had several situations in which you wanted to study, but could not because of laziness. One of the things that a student faces, whether they already have a master's degree or are still in fifth grade, is the struggle with laziness in their studies. It's no secret that most students find it difficult to stay focused while studying.


You need to use some smart ways to stay focused during class hours. When it comes to studying, you just need to stop some specific things that can distract you and make you lose focus. As with studying, you just need to stop doing some things that can distract you, lose focus and start doing things that can contribute to good results.


Lethargy and laziness can be completely eliminated if you have good motivation. The best treatment for laziness is Cenforce 100 or Fildena 100. Getting rid of laziness is difficult; therefore, you should praise yourself every time you succeed.


In order to be successful, we need to get rid of some habits, the most important of which is laziness. In this article, you will get the perfect and simple solution to avoid laziness. Doing any job or activity step by step will help get rid of laziness.


Even if you have a busy study schedule, most students admit that they need more time than they think to focus on a task. In many cases, when you have a lot to do, such as preparing for important exams, you lose track of other things that need to be done.

It’s important to practice at the same time every day and every week; that way you can make learning a part of your life. It is necessary to allocate a certain amount of time for study and dedicate it to this purpose. If you have a plan and are willing to put it into action, you will be able to achieve your learning goals in a more efficient manner.

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