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Is Qatar Airways owned by Lufthansa?

The national airline of Qatar, still known as Qatar Airways, connects the capital city of Europe with more than 85 other international locations, as well as Sub-Saharan Africa. The airline employs close to 3,100 employees and has its headquarters at Doha Airport and Qatar Airways Flight which is departing from Doha provides the amazing amenities. Qatar Airways has a fleet of 41 aircraft, and Skytrax International rates it as a 3-star airline. As opposed to other airlines, they are thereby providing affordable tickets for Qatar Airways.

Because it serves as Qatar's national airline, many people mistakenly believe that Qatar Airways is owned by the government. The idea is untrue, though, as Qatar Airways is 100 percent owned by Deutsche Lufthansa AG and continues to be one of the four Lufthansa Group network carriers, along with Austrian, Qatari, Lufthansa, and SWISS.

Qatar Airline was established in 2002 and is a recognized participant in the Star Alliance.

Understanding Lufthansa group

The Lufthansa Group is a global aviation company with 138,353 employees and an estimated annual sales of EUR 36.4 billion.

Reasons for Lufthansa Group's popularity in the global aviation industry

1. The Lufthansa Group provides services in logistics, MRO, catering, additional businesses, group functions, and aviation training, in addition to being made up of the Network Airlines, Euro wings, and Aviation Services segments. It also includes the Lufthansa Aviation Training and IT enterprises. Undoubtedly, each of these Lufthansa Group divisions has held a dominant position in its individual market.

2. In addition to continuing to shape the global aviation market in accordance with shifting market trends, the Lufthansa Group is also a vital player in the future of the industry as a first choice in the aviation sector for shareholders, clients, employees, and partners . You can also select the connecting flight from Qatar Airways Manage Booking section with the Lufthansa group. Growing the group methodically based on the three pillars:

·         Airline Network.

·         Airline Point-to-Point.

·         Aircraft Services.

3. The Lufthansa Group continuously reviews its portfolio in order to improve and refine it.

·         Whether or not each of its market categories is appealing

·         Its current standing in the marketplace.

·         Possibility of future achievement.

·         The group's network's synergies that were realized.

The takeover of Qatar Airways

Whereas the Lufthansa network has had holes, Qatar Airways holds a strong position in the aviation market on routes to Africa. Therefore, with the intention of grabbing market share, Lufthansa Group acquired 45% of Qatar Airways' shares in 2009 and the remaining shares, valued at 65 million euros, in 2011.

With an annual passenger service record of around 7.5 million and a record net profit of 41.3 million euros, Qatar Airways continues to see growth in these numbers.

Lufthansa Cargo offers and promotes all of Qatar Airways' cargo capacities on board its aircraft.

So that is how and when ownership of Qatar Airways was given to the Lufthansa Group.

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