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Cenforce Medicine

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 420 million people are suffering from diabetes mellitus in any form.

One in eleven people is affected by this disease, which can lead to strokes, blindness and heart attacks, as well as chronic renal failure.

This pathology can affect men of all sexes.

It is essentially the inability of maintaining an erection, which can lead to full sexual relationships, and it affects most diabetic patients between 50-70 years.

Dr. Vivian Bernal is a New Eps specialist physician who was asked the most common questions about diabetes, such as the effectiveness and reasons for taking medications.

Is it true that I can have erectile dysfunction if I have diabetes?

Yes. Diabetes can cause blood vessel damage and increase blood sugar levels.

The brain sends an order for the muscles to relax during an erection. Later, the glasses will open and fill up with blood, causing an erection. Cenforce 100 medicine is used to treat erectile problems in men.

It can also cause the hardening of the blood vessels, which is called atherosclerosis. This is a condition that prevents dilation of the blood vessels, so it is impossible to an erection.

Is it possible to diagnose erectile dysfunction in time?

While there are specialized tests available that can show that a patient has this disease, the most efficient and effective way to determine if a patient has it is to have a regular medical check-up.

Is there a treatment for erectile dysfunction?

There is no cure. In the initial phase, the patient is treated with a treatment that allows him to live a normal sexual life. If this fails, other Cenforce drugs are administered intravaginally (injections into the male reproductive member).

Pumps can be implanted in extreme cases to allow for a healthy male reproductive system.

How often should a couple have sex in order to be happy? Science has the exact number

A successful relationship is built on physical and emotional intimacy. According to a Florida State University survey, sex is key to marital bliss.

Andrea Meltzer, the author of Psychological Science published the results. There were 214 newlywed couples who participated in the study. The study was attended by 214 newly married couples.

Research has shown that physical intimacy can produce a glow that lasts for up to two days and increase long-term satisfaction in a relationship.

Meltzer explains, "Our research has shown that sexual satisfaction remains high for 48 hours after sex. People with a stronger sexual glow report higher levels of marital satisfaction many months later.

What number would you choose as the magic number?

One study revealed the ideal amount of sex that a stable partner should be able to have. This American study involved more than 30000 people who had fixed partners and was published by the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. If you have to suffer any erectile dysfunction problems, so you can use Cenforce 150 medicine.

They found that sex was enough to make them feel happy at their wedding. According to Amy Muise, a University of Toronto-Mississauga social psychologist, "The more frequently sex is associated in greater happiness, but this relationship is no longer significant at a frequency greater than once per week."

He said, "Our findings suggest it is important for the partner to maintain an intimate relationship with them, but it's not necessary to have sexual contact every day for that."

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