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 25 января 2023, 17:09

The Big Picture

In case you missed it, that's my face in the picture up there. In fact, I serve as one of the podcast's hosts. Take this with a grain of salt, obviously.

But because I'm competitive, I wouldn't launch a content marketing podcast unless I thought it had a chance to be the greatest.

URL Opener

multiple link opener is the perfect tool for opening multiple URLs in a snap. Moreover, it's the top recommendation of SEO experts, and it's completely free of ads.

The best and most worthy of your attention are as follows.

First, we produce "Kitchen Side" episodes where we (the three agency co-founders) take you behind the scenes and show you our spontaneous arguments, brainstorming sessions, and ideas for content strategies. Basically, it's how we converse when we're not recording.

Second, I conduct lengthy discussions in interviews rather than asking pre-planned questions, and we avoid talking about cliched topics. We delve deep into our visitors' successful content marketing strategies, exploring their underlying mental frameworks, prior experiences, and motivating factors.

Finally, it's enjoyable. I'm adamant that we make the podcast enjoyable to listen to, and I achieve this easily by making sure both my guests and I enjoy the conversations. Usually, the audience enjoys watching or listening if we are having fun while doing it.

I really don't want our podcast to sound like many of the finest marketing podcasts, which sometimes sound clunky and stale. Additionally, I want to collaborate with the top marketing professionals (and non-marketing professionals), not simply the well-known figures who give keynote addresses at conferences.

Conversation and Content

An excellent podcast is produced by Ross Hudgens of Siege Media.

It's extraordinarily well produced, to start. In the past, they had studio-produced videos with high-quality audio and visuals to compliment these.

Ross is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing. They have wonderful discussions with experts, but I really enjoy their riffing on concepts like KOB analysis and passive backlink building.

Check out these three episodes:

  • What Will Change With John-Henry Scherck Regarding Content and SEO in 2022

  • How to Get Tom Critchlow's $1,000,000+ SEO Budget

  • Contrarian Content Marketing with Amanda Natividad of SparkToro

Specialized on the Wire

My favourite podcast on SEO is Experts on the Wire, which is hosted by Dan Shure.

Dan has a lot of knowledge. He owns an SEO consultancy and excels at strategy and content-led SEO in particular.

But he's also an expert interviewer and an audiophile. I am aware of this since I spoke with him for my show and he provided the best interview advice I have ever received. He added that he composed the music for his introduction and edits each of his video segments. a man with several skills.

This is one of those podcasts that has really aided my career since he frequently invites knowledgeable guests who speak at a level that is slightly above mine. As a result, I am pushing myself and picking up a lot of new information.

Check out these three episodes:

  • With Jori Ford: Crawl Optimization, How Google Works, and SEO Income Studies

  • Becky Westmoreland provides in-house, large-scale SEO (Migrations, Crawl Optimization, and more).

  • Will Critchlow discusses the evolution of Google, AB testing, and SEO ranking factors.

  • All People Despise Marketers

  • Everyone Hates Marketers is run by Louis Grenier, and it's a nice one.

  • Louis is an authority in positioning, message, and all aspects of marketing. He has interesting and insightful opinions and is quite the contrarian.

As one illustration, consider the podcast's tagline:

People who are tired of marketing nonsense can only listen to the podcast Everyone Hates Marketers. In less than 4 years, it has more than 1 million downloads without any advertisements.


It's an interview programme, the experts are excellent and frequently well-known figures, and Louis gets some really insightful answers from them.

Check out these three episodes:

  • How to Grow a Company From Scratch by Mark Ritson

  • How to Choose the Best Value Proposition, by Hiten Shah

  • Writing Copy That Converts: 3 Steps

My Initial Million

Although My First Million isn't specifically a content marketing podcast, it's nevertheless fantastic and full of valuable advice for copywriters and content marketers.

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri both host interviews with guests and spout off about potential business ventures. They also parody frameworks and share anecdotes of notable billionaires (their "Billy of the Week") and influential people throughout history, such John D. Rockefeller.

They have tremendous chemistry as hosts, and the show is both addictive and stimulating to listen to.

Shaan and Sam are two of the best copywriters and content marketers in the industry. Sam founded The Hustle, a media outlet that is mostly based on compelling copywriting, particularly for their email newsletter. Additionally, every one to two weeks, Shaan, who also teaches writing, goes viral on Twitter.

Here are some excellent business lessons as well as ones for content marketers.

Check out these three episodes:

  • Focusing on the Next Step with Steph Smith, Dog Food Billionaires, and 3 Profitable Business Ideas You Should Launch in 2022

  • Is Time Out a $1 billion company? – Russian Stocks, right-wing media websites, and many more inebriated business ideas that might make you millions are also included.

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