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The Ultimate List of Free SEO Tools

Keyword Research

All of the tools in this group will help you find more keywords. Many of them come up with keyword ideas in different ways, so you might want to try them all.

URL opener

Bulk URL Opener is a fantastic SEO tool that will help you save a lot of time and make accessing many URLs quicker and simpler. For individuals who need to rapidly and conveniently open many URLs, this application can be incredibly helpful. Webmasters that need to open several URLs simultaneously should use Bulk URL Opener.


Ubersuggest has a lot of options for keyword research and a free Chrome extension that you can use right from the SERPs. First, it tells you how many times a keyword has been searched in the last year, so you can see if there are any seasonal patterns.

It also pulls keywords from a few different places, like Google Suggest and its own database. It shows you all of the keywords that your competition ranks for, and it suggests keywords based on questions, comparisons, and prepositions.

My favourite thing about Ubersuggest's keyword research is that you can see how competitive a term is and how many links the average website that ranks high has. This is how to do it:

Answer The Public

Answer The public has a lot of Use Google Suggest to find all the questions people might have about any industry or keyword.

Just type in a keyword, and you'll get a long list of questions that people are asking about that keyword.

Like Ubersuggest, it shows you keywords that are related to comparisons and prepositions.

I like the tool because, unlike other tools, it shows data in a way that is easy to understand.


SEO doesn't just exist on Google. You can also rank higher on Amazon, YouTube, Bing, and a lot of other sites.

KeywordTool.io works the same way as Google Suggest, but for a few sites like Amazon, Play Store, and YouTube.

You should check out KeywordTool.io if you do SEO on sites other than Google.


FAQfox is a cool little tool that lets you find questions people want answered on any site you want to get information from.

For example, if you type in "cat" and quora.com as the URL, it will show you questions that people are asking on Quora that are related to that category.

This can be done for Reddit or any other site where you want to get ideas for keywords.

The best content should answer the questions of the users. This free SEO tool can help you find the questions users are asking so you can answer them.

Google Keyword Planner

Google, which is the biggest search engine, has its own tool for finding keywords.

Google Keyword Planner gives you ideas, as well as information about CPC and estimates of clicks.

You'll also see that a lot of other keyword tools have CPC information, but it's likely that they got it from Google Keyword Planner.

When using Keyword Planner, look for terms with a high CPC because they tend to convert well when you rank for them naturally.

Google Trends

Google Trends is the one tool on the list that I probably use three or four times a week. So much do I like it?

I like Trends because it shows you what's popular right now. It also tells you if the number of searches in a certain industry is going up or down over time.

You can also sort your data by a certain country or look at it from a global point of view.


Soovle is like Google Suggest (autocomplete), but it works for many of the most popular sites on the web.

Soovle finds all of the most popular keywords on Google, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, and Answers.com.

AdWords and SEO Permutation Generator

The AdWords and SEO Permutation Generator is a very easy-to-use tool that can help you think of new ways to research keywords.

You put in a few keywords you want to target, and the programme combines them to make different versions for you.

Not all keywords will have a lot of searches, but this will give you an idea of how you can use your site to target long-tail variations.


Reddit has a lot of different sections called "subreddits," and Keyworddit helps you find all of the keywords in those subreddits.

What's cool is that it tells you how often each of those words is used. So, you can quickly see which ones are worth chasing.

In general, you should use this kind of tool because it will give you a new way to look at keyword research.

All SEOs already know how to get results from Google. Because of this, if you want to get ahead of your competitors, you need to use other sources.

Bulk Keyword Generator

Most keyword research tools work a little bit differently than the Bulk Keyword Generator by Higher Visibility.

First, you choose a type of business. Then, you choose what kind of business you have and put in any locations you want to reach.

Then, you'll get a list of keywords that you might want to use.

This tool is great if you are new to SEO because it makes everything so easy.

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