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 21 октября 2022, 23:33
Best 5 SEO tools

It is not useful for us to simply have a website with many keywords related to what we do. We will have to follow a strategy with criteria . The success or fall of our site's positions depends on that. Factors such as internal linking, domain and page authority, Search Intent, 404 errors, virality, meta titles, web architecture, H tags, competition, and a long etcetera, play an important role in that our articles begin to rise positions. To give you an idea, I have seen websites on the seventh page go up to the second simply by making changes to meta, internal linking and tags, practically without touching content. That will not always happen since at that time there were factors such as the very poor knowledge of SEO in the sector of that website and that Google rewarded. If there is an absolute truth in marketing, it is that EVERYTHING is measurable and we ALWAYS need tools like bulk url opener which helps to open many sites at same time.

Google Keyword Planner

The free Google AdWords tool can help identify a wide range of keywords and associated data for use in your PPC campaigns, as well as content marketing and SEO. Google Adwords is, for me, one of the top keyword tools. I don't create content without first going through Google's keyword planner . In it we will discover which are the most searched keywords for the topic we want to address , what competition they have and the ease of positioning. In addition, it will throw us different suggestions that we did not contemplate before. Its credibility is credited for being a tool whose information comes directly from Google itself.

Google Analytics

As I said before, in marketing, EVERYTHING is measurable and without Google Analytics we would be going blind. It is true that there are other tools with which you can measure your traffic, but the information that GA gives you is impressive. It is not really an SEO analysis tool as such , but nevertheless, it is almost impossible to run an SEO campaign without it. Why? The data provided by GA tells us if our efforts in the SEO strategy are giving results or not. 

I'm talking about data like:

  1. organic traffic

  2. bounce rate

  3. traffic sources

  4. User time on site

Google Analytics is a super powerful tool on its own but if we combine it with GSearchConsole and Google Tag manager it becomes something like a titan. And it is that linking your GSC account with GA gives you all that useful information about what happens on your site regarding SEO: keywords that people use to find your site, CTR, impressions and other valuable data.

Search Console de Google

Get SEO help directly from Google. No list of free SEO tools would be complete without Google Search Console. This tool, whose information comes directly from Google, helps us to measure the positioning of our URL's or keywords in the SERP, index the content of our site in Google, check errors, block URL's... Let's say that GSC is the panel of control that Google offers us in which it tells us what is happening within our site, what is being shown, what is not and what we should improve.

Google Trends

I ALWAYS check Google Trends for trends before I jump into the pool with a keyword. Why? Because I want to know if my keyword is becoming more (or less) popular. Skipping this step is risking optimizing your articles around a dying keyword. That is, if you plan to write an article about the vintage style, go through Google Trends first, set it to 5 years and discover how the trend is downward. Interested in writing about an outdated topic?

Answer the Public

Answer the Public fascinates me. Google Keyword Planner. Answer the Public is different. This awesome tool finds the questions that people are asking in forums, blogs and on social media . Throwing you, questions, answers, keywords with prepositions in front, comparative VS, etc.

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