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URL and its use in information technology

What is meant by URL?

URL is the short form of Uniform Resource Locator and also it is unique for each website. You cannot open more than one sites with the help of solitary link. URL Opener opens the bulk sites in different sites when you copy and paste the list of URLs in the field provided and press the button to open all of them instantly. It shows the address of a website on the internet. An SEO expert can copy and paste the URL in chrome to open up as well as see its web content. URL will show all of your material as it is the path to recognize the location and proper address of site on the internet. Many individuals make use of URL Opener tool to open up multiple Links quickly in chrome. This tool can open up multiple websites as well as can accelerate your work.

What are the parts of URL?

URL is divided into the components; Protocol, Domain and Path.

These parts combine to make a solitary URL. Here is the explanation of these parts with examples:


It comes initially in the link to show the path of a website. It is the name of protocol or scheme that you make use of to find your site on web. Here are different methods that you can pick:

HTTP: Not safeguarded.

HTTPS: Protected by SSL and also is primarily used as is the secure means to situate your site as it is very secure. SSL is the security of your website against any hacking or cyber-attack.

WWW: It means Internet and also can deal with or without http. It is not obligatory to utilize www with the domain name or with the link. Including it or subtracting it from link does not impact it.

https://urlopener.co.uk/ is a link that reveals the course of a site that is located on the net. HTTPS in the start is called protocol and also reveals that site is safeguarded by SSL.

Domain name:

It is the name of your website that is picked based upon the sort of your web content. It represents what you are using or what you are giving.  Let us provide an example: https://urlopener.co.uk/ is a full link that locates a site on the web. When you copy and also paste it in the brand-new tab it will immediately open up as you place the appropriate and also precise course of that site on the net. In this attire resource locator, urlopener will be called as a domain name.

Third part, path of the site:

Path is the third part of link. It shows the exact location of your site online and its subpages.

In https://urlopener.co.uk/.co.uk is the top degree domain which shows entity that you pick to show your organization on the net. .co.uk reveals that your site is registered in UK. On the other hand, .com shows that site is located in the United States. Domain name ".edu" reveals that a site is related to education. Various universities and colleges use this type of Top level domain.

The site is separated right into sub-pages. These sub-pages are also pointed out in the link. 

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