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2023-01-25 17:09

The Big Picture

In case you missed it, that's my face in the picture up there. In fact, I serve as one of the podcast's hosts. Take this with a grain of salt, obviously.

But because I'm competitive, I wouldn't launch a content marketing podcast unless I thought it had a chance to be the greatest.

URL Opener

multiple link opener is the perfect tool for opening multiple URLs in a snap. Moreover, it's the top recommendation of SEO experts, and it's completely free of ads.

The best and most worthy of your attention are as follows.

First, we produce "Kitchen Side" episodes where we (the three agency co-founders) take you behind the scenes and show you our spontaneous arguments, brainstorming sessions, and ideas for content strategies. Basically, it's how we converse when we're not recording.

Second, I conduct lengthy discussions in interviews rather than asking pre-planned questions, and we avoid talking about cliched topics. We delve deep into our visitors' successful content marketing strategies, exploring their underlying mental frameworks, prior experiences, and motivating factors.

Finally, it's enjoyable. I'm adamant that we make the podcast enjoyable to listen to, and I achieve this easily by making sure both my guests and I enjoy the conversations. Usually, the audience enjoys watching or listening if we are having fun while doing it.

I really don't want our podcast to sound like many of the finest marketing podcasts, which sometimes sound clunky and stale. Additionally, I want to collaborate with the top marketing professionals (and non-marketing professionals), not simply the well-known figures who give keynote addresses at conferences.

Conversation and Content

An excellent podcast is produced by Ross Hudgens of Siege Media.

It's extraordinarily well produced, to start. In the past, they had studio-produced videos with high-quality audio and visuals to compliment these.

Ross is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing. They have wonderful discussions with experts, but I really enjoy their riffing on concepts like KOB analysis and passive backlink building.

Check out these three episodes:

  • What Will Change With John-Henry Scherck Regarding Content and SEO in 2022

  • How to Get Tom Critchlow's $1,000,000+ SEO Budget

  • Contrarian Content Marketing with Amanda Natividad of SparkToro

Specialized on the Wire

My favourite podcast on SEO is Experts on the Wire, which is hosted by Dan Shure.

Dan has a lot of knowledge. He owns an SEO consultancy and excels at strategy and content-led SEO in particular.

But he's also an expert interviewer and an audiophile. I am aware of this since I spoke with him for my show and he provided the best interview advice I have ever received. He added that he composed the music for his introduction and edits each of his video segments. a man with several skills.

This is one of those podcasts that has really aided my career since he frequently invites knowledgeable guests who speak at a level that is slightly above mine. As a result, I am pushing myself and picking up a lot of new information.

Check out these three episodes:

  • With Jori Ford: Crawl Optimization, How Google Works, and SEO Income Studies

  • Becky Westmoreland provides in-house, large-scale SEO (Migrations, Crawl Optimization, and more).

  • Will Critchlow discusses the evolution of Google, AB testing, and SEO ranking factors.

  • All People Despise Marketers

  • Everyone Hates Marketers is run by Louis Grenier, and it's a nice one.

  • Louis is an authority in positioning, message, and all aspects of marketing. He has interesting and insightful opinions and is quite the contrarian.

As one illustration, consider the podcast's tagline:

People who are tired of marketing nonsense can only listen to the podcast Everyone Hates Marketers. In less than 4 years, it has more than 1 million downloads without any advertisements.


It's an interview programme, the experts are excellent and frequently well-known figures, and Louis gets some really insightful answers from them.

Check out these three episodes:

  • How to Grow a Company From Scratch by Mark Ritson

  • How to Choose the Best Value Proposition, by Hiten Shah

  • Writing Copy That Converts: 3 Steps

My Initial Million

Although My First Million isn't specifically a content marketing podcast, it's nevertheless fantastic and full of valuable advice for copywriters and content marketers.

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri both host interviews with guests and spout off about potential business ventures. They also parody frameworks and share anecdotes of notable billionaires (their "Billy of the Week") and influential people throughout history, such John D. Rockefeller.

They have tremendous chemistry as hosts, and the show is both addictive and stimulating to listen to.

Shaan and Sam are two of the best copywriters and content marketers in the industry. Sam founded The Hustle, a media outlet that is mostly based on compelling copywriting, particularly for their email newsletter. Additionally, every one to two weeks, Shaan, who also teaches writing, goes viral on Twitter.

Here are some excellent business lessons as well as ones for content marketers.

Check out these three episodes:

  • Focusing on the Next Step with Steph Smith, Dog Food Billionaires, and 3 Profitable Business Ideas You Should Launch in 2022

  • Is Time Out a $1 billion company? – Russian Stocks, right-wing media websites, and many more inebriated business ideas that might make you millions are also included.

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2023-01-25 00:07

Ahrefs (Paid)

A number of SEO tools are available from Ahrefs, a top SEO suite, to improve the SEO of any domain. Leading companies throughout the world, including Adobe, Uber, and Netflix, trust it.

URL Opener

An incredibly useful tool for SEO consultants, the free Bulk link opener helps them open multiple links in one go. This resource has been given the highest recommendation by the most knowledgeable SEO professionals.

How to Use This Instrument

You must either start a 7-day trial or purchase a premium subscription to use Ahrefs.

Enter your website address in Site Explorer after logging in to get a detailed analysis of your site, including data like organic traffic, backlink profile, top-ranking keywords, and traffic value. In addition, Ahrefs has one of the largest databases, containing 14 trillion links and 150 million keywords.

In addition to keyword research and competitor analysis, Ahrefs can help you identify important SEO problems with your website. The Ahrefs Site Audit feature checks your website for more than 100 SEO problems and offers suggestions for how to improve them:

The Site Explorer's top features include domain rating, total backlinks, total referring domains, organic keywords, total traffic, and traffic value. It also helps you receive all of the necessary information about any domain.

The Site Audit tool may be used to improve your on-page SEO because it scans your website for 120 different technical SEO problems, including HTTP faults, poor content quality, outbound links, image alt tags, and more.

With data-driven measures like search volume, keyword difficulty, SERP overview, and CPC, the Keyword Research tool enables you to discover hundreds of keyword concepts.

You can uncover the best material in your industry with the Content Explorer.

The Rank Tracker tool allows you to keep track of your keyword rankings. You may view keyword rankings with average position and traffic across 170 countries.

The Reasons Why

Ahrefs has a comprehensive toolkit for SEO, making it a very helpful tool. The application enables you to complete all SEO chores quickly and correctly, whether you need to conduct keyword research or create backlinks. Ahrefs is a great tool for SEO forecasting because it provides traffic estimates for the top 10 pages.

Ubersuggest (Freemium)

Neil Patel invented the user-friendly SEO tool Ubersuggest. The tool offers a number of simple-to-use tools for domain analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink data discovery, and other crucial SEO chores.

How to Use This Instrument

To get data, log in to the tool and enter any website or term. From the available options, pick your ideal target place.

This tool gives the overall amount of backlinks, monthly organic traffic, domain authority, and the number of organic keywords for which the domain ranks. Additionally, it displays the volume of keyword research, the difficulty of SEO, and CPC.

Top qualities

You may create a tonne of low-competition keywords for your website using the Keyword Ideas tool.

To find terms from the competition rapidly, use competitor keyword analysis.

Using the Content Ideas tool, you can discover a tonne of ideas for popular content topics and related keywords.

Your sites' crucial SEO issues, such as 404 errors, broken internal links, and duplicate content, can all be found with the Site Audit tool.

The Backlink Opportunity tool enables you to identify a large number of websites that link to the domain of your rival but not your own.

The Reasons Why

Ubersuggest has a fairly straightforward user interface, making it simple for beginners to use. Ubersuggest is quite simple to use and has less functionalities than Semrush and Ahrefs. It is advised to use the tool to analyse websites for small businesses or for personal use.

KeywordChef (Freemium)

A long-tail keyword research tool called KeywordChef can help you identify a tonne of relevant phrases that are almost certain to rank. In contrast to the majority of keyword research tools, KeywordChef discovers keywords with obvious search intent.

How to Use This Instrument

Log in to the website and the tool after registering. After there, plug in your seed term and decide what kind of keyword research you want to conduct.

There are various kinds of keyword research available, including:

The use of wildcards

question-related key words

words that begin with "best"

Keywords for comparison

words that begin with "how to"

Alternative word options for the phrase "Keywords starting with Most"

words that contain "ideas"

When you click the search icon, the tool will now provide some sample search terms. To view the full set of search results, you must pay some credits:

After using the tool's 1,000 free credits, you can purchase additional credits.

Top features: The tool instantly identifies high-quality keywords with low competition as well as their search traffic.

To automatically locate relevant keyword opportunities connected to your seed term, use the wildcard search feature. For instance, you can use the wildcard character "*" while searching for keywords, such as "best * for frozen" or "can you cook * in the oven," and KeywordChef will provide relevant search phrases that include those words.

In order to uncover forms and other user-generated content that you can quickly rank for, the tool performs real-time SERP analysis.

In order to rank for voice search keywords, you can also find question-related keywords.

The Reasons Why

You can identify hidden or uncovered keywords with the help of the helpful filters that come with KeywordChef. Each SEO seeks out keywords that are simple to rank for, and KeywordChef assists in locating keyword chances where you may achieve a quick ranking.

Additionally, there is no monthly subscription to use the tool; simply purchase credits for as low as $20 to continue your research once the initial 1,000 credits are used up.

Whispering Links (Freemium)

With the aid of the helpful SEO tool Link Whisper, you may enhance the internal linking on your website. In order to rank higher in the SERPs, there is a WordPress plugin to expedite the internal linking process. The tool has strong functionality and is simple to instal.

How to Use This Instrument

Downloading the plugin and activating it will allow you to instal the tool on your WordPress blog.

Once installed, it will automatically make internal linking suggestions while you compose your content. Artificial intelligence is used to power the suggestions you receive, which are based on both the relevance of the content you are editing and your previous blog posts.

If you are writing material on "best SEO tools," for instance, Link Whisper will propose links for various anchor texts that are related to the subject.

In order to increase search traffic, you can add internal links to pages that have few or no internal links by using Link Whisper to identify them. You can create internal links utilising its Auto-Linking tool based on the keywords of your choice. This tool's main feature allows you to optimise your internal links in accordance with your target anchors.

Your content's internal links, orphaned posts, and 404 issues can all be promptly found and fixed with the help of its robust internal linking report:

Top Features: You can use the tool's option to enter your goal term, and it will then offer the internal links that are the most pertinent to your search.

After linking your Google Search Console account, Link Whisper may be used to view traffic statistics including impressions, clicks, average position, and CTR.

Use this tool to get suggestions for internal connecting between your sites if you run several in the same topic.

You may easily determine which pages require internal links with a simple and straightforward dashboard.

The tool assists you in locating outdated or abandoned pages that lack internal links.

The Reasons Why

Internal links are important since they aid Google in comprehending your content and improving the ranking of your website in search results. Additionally, internal links let Google know which pages on your website are crucial. Therefore, Link Whisper is a necessary tool if you wish to enhance the internal connecting structure of your website.

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2023-01-04 23:50

Keyword Research

All of the tools in this group will help you find more keywords. Many of them come up with keyword ideas in different ways, so you might want to try them all.

URL opener

Bulk URL Opener is a fantastic SEO tool that will help you save a lot of time and make accessing many URLs quicker and simpler. For individuals who need to rapidly and conveniently open many URLs, this application can be incredibly helpful. Webmasters that need to open several URLs simultaneously should use Bulk URL Opener.


Ubersuggest has a lot of options for keyword research and a free Chrome extension that you can use right from the SERPs. First, it tells you how many times a keyword has been searched in the last year, so you can see if there are any seasonal patterns.

It also pulls keywords from a few different places, like Google Suggest and its own database. It shows you all of the keywords that your competition ranks for, and it suggests keywords based on questions, comparisons, and prepositions.

My favourite thing about Ubersuggest's keyword research is that you can see how competitive a term is and how many links the average website that ranks high has. This is how to do it:

Answer The Public

Answer The public has a lot of Use Google Suggest to find all the questions people might have about any industry or keyword.

Just type in a keyword, and you'll get a long list of questions that people are asking about that keyword.

Like Ubersuggest, it shows you keywords that are related to comparisons and prepositions.

I like the tool because, unlike other tools, it shows data in a way that is easy to understand.


SEO doesn't just exist on Google. You can also rank higher on Amazon, YouTube, Bing, and a lot of other sites.

KeywordTool.io works the same way as Google Suggest, but for a few sites like Amazon, Play Store, and YouTube.

You should check out KeywordTool.io if you do SEO on sites other than Google.


FAQfox is a cool little tool that lets you find questions people want answered on any site you want to get information from.

For example, if you type in "cat" and quora.com as the URL, it will show you questions that people are asking on Quora that are related to that category.

This can be done for Reddit or any other site where you want to get ideas for keywords.

The best content should answer the questions of the users. This free SEO tool can help you find the questions users are asking so you can answer them.

Google Keyword Planner

Google, which is the biggest search engine, has its own tool for finding keywords.

Google Keyword Planner gives you ideas, as well as information about CPC and estimates of clicks.

You'll also see that a lot of other keyword tools have CPC information, but it's likely that they got it from Google Keyword Planner.

When using Keyword Planner, look for terms with a high CPC because they tend to convert well when you rank for them naturally.

Google Trends

Google Trends is the one tool on the list that I probably use three or four times a week. So much do I like it?

I like Trends because it shows you what's popular right now. It also tells you if the number of searches in a certain industry is going up or down over time.

You can also sort your data by a certain country or look at it from a global point of view.


Soovle is like Google Suggest (autocomplete), but it works for many of the most popular sites on the web.

Soovle finds all of the most popular keywords on Google, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, and Answers.com.

AdWords and SEO Permutation Generator

The AdWords and SEO Permutation Generator is a very easy-to-use tool that can help you think of new ways to research keywords.

You put in a few keywords you want to target, and the programme combines them to make different versions for you.

Not all keywords will have a lot of searches, but this will give you an idea of how you can use your site to target long-tail variations.


Reddit has a lot of different sections called "subreddits," and Keyworddit helps you find all of the keywords in those subreddits.

What's cool is that it tells you how often each of those words is used. So, you can quickly see which ones are worth chasing.

In general, you should use this kind of tool because it will give you a new way to look at keyword research.

All SEOs already know how to get results from Google. Because of this, if you want to get ahead of your competitors, you need to use other sources.

Bulk Keyword Generator

Most keyword research tools work a little bit differently than the Bulk Keyword Generator by Higher Visibility.

First, you choose a type of business. Then, you choose what kind of business you have and put in any locations you want to reach.

Then, you'll get a list of keywords that you might want to use.

This tool is great if you are new to SEO because it makes everything so easy.

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2022-11-18 17:41

Massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) are on the rise. These video games combine role-playing games (RPGs) with elements of the world of massively multiplayer online games. Therefore, you are playing with global players. Everyone participates, not only geeks, but also non-geeks who like to chat and play together. Open multiple games sites with just a single click using urlopener tool.

The fact is that for such games you need servers. These servers must be powerful enough to serve high demand games in order to enjoy an optimal gaming experience. A significant part of your experience may lie in the ability to customize the gaming environment. 

Google Cloud

Ride to Google Cloud Game Servers with dedicated game server management. Google Cloud manages and automates game servers across multiple Agones clusters and monitors their health using Terraform. Therefore, you don't have to worry about downtime, which is essential for smooth gaming. In addition, you get high clock speeds up to 3.8 GHz.

Why Google Cloud Game Servers?

Based on open source server management (Agones) in Kubernetes, game servers allow you to run multiplayer games anywhere that is compatible with Kubernetes. Game servers schedule scaling events and automatically scale the game server based on the setup rules you set, which is a necessary feature when hosting your games. 

You can also customize your gameplay with the Kubernetes and Agones APIs. Test new deployments in selected regions to review changes before a full deployment. Use the provided unified control plane to manage installations. Game servers also allow you to manually manage a fleet of game servers. 

The infrastructure of Google Cloud is impressive (35 regions, 173 points on the edge of the network in more than 200 countries). In this way, your players will have an incredibly fast gaming experience thanks to the globally distributed data centers of Google Cloud. 


Google Cloud manages the first Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster for free, and each additional cluster costs $0.50 per cluster per hour. Or you can sign up for a 90-day free trial where you get $300 credit. 

Amazon Gamelift

Amazon GameLift is another good choice for hosting game servers with its powerful dedicated cloud servers. It manages, operates, and scales its cloud servers to meet the various demands of session-based multiplayer gaming. GameLift automatically adjusts the zoom capacity based on the configured target steady state percentage. Hence, you can meet the changing needs of players with low latency.

Why is Amazon GameLift a reliable choice for hosting game servers?

With GameLift, you can connect up to 200 players per session. In addition, there are both Spot and On-Demand Instances from which you can choose from 40 instance types and sizes to get the best configuration for your game. 

GameLift supports all major game engines (Amazon Lumberyard, custom C#, C++, Unreal Engine and Unity game engines) and cross-platform play. GameLift Real Time servers support mobile, turn-based and messaging games, expanding the range of supported game types. There is a management console that helps you monitor your game's performance, server capacity and health, and CPU and memory usage.

GameLift runs on the global AWS cloud infrastructure. Thus, it is safe, extensive and reliable. GameLift is available in an extensive list of regions, so don't worry about speed for your players around the world. 


You pay as you go when using GameLift. They charge for instances based on duration of use and throughput based on data transferred. Amazon claims that GameLift with Spot Instances and autoscaling can help save up to 70% in compute costs compared to servers in a shared hosting environment. 

You can start by signing up for a Free Tier account and enjoy 125 hours of On-Demand Instance use per month.


OVHcloud game servers provide the highest performance and fault tolerance designed for online gaming. Powered by the AMD Ryzen ZEN 2 architecture platform, they provide a seamless online gaming experience by efficiently managing video, images, and tasks in parallel with multiple players. They claim that these 3rd generation processors can help improve performance by up to 30%. 

Why is OVHcloud a good option for a game server?

Giving you up to 1Gbps bandwidth with data centers around the world (France, Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Poland, UK and Singapore), your players enjoy low latency while playing. Each server has 500 GB of free independent storage, which should be enough. In addition, each server has a public IPv4 and IPv6 address; you can lease more IPv4 addresses (maximum 256 per machine) if you need it.

OVHcloud has a strong focus on security, including robust DDoS protection on all of its servers. Unlike most others, it adapts to UDP traffic (for video, audio and video games) and analyzes both incoming and outgoing traffic. OVHCloud promises 99.90% uptime in their SLA. Recommended games: Twitch, Mumble, TeamSpeak, Rust, Minecraft, Ark, L4D2 and more. 

Please note that OVHcloud is more for tech-savvy and advanced users. There have been reviews that their customer service is not up to par. Hence, be on the lookout to resolve anything quickly on your own. 


OVHcloud prices are available. You can start with a package for less than $100 per month, and if you need more, you'll have to look into higher tier plans. Despite unfavorable customer support, there's no denying that you take the good with the bad. Hence, OVHcloud is still a solid option for getting started on a DDOS-protected dedicated gaming server.

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2022-10-21 23:33

It is not useful for us to simply have a website with many keywords related to what we do. We will have to follow a strategy with criteria . The success or fall of our site's positions depends on that. Factors such as internal linking, domain and page authority, Search Intent, 404 errors, virality, meta titles, web architecture, H tags, competition, and a long etcetera, play an important role in that our articles begin to rise positions. To give you an idea, I have seen websites on the seventh page go up to the second simply by making changes to meta, internal linking and tags, practically without touching content. That will not always happen since at that time there were factors such as the very poor knowledge of SEO in the sector of that website and that Google rewarded. If there is an absolute truth in marketing, it is that EVERYTHING is measurable and we ALWAYS need tools like bulk url opener which helps to open many sites at same time.

Google Keyword Planner

The free Google AdWords tool can help identify a wide range of keywords and associated data for use in your PPC campaigns, as well as content marketing and SEO. Google Adwords is, for me, one of the top keyword tools. I don't create content without first going through Google's keyword planner . In it we will discover which are the most searched keywords for the topic we want to address , what competition they have and the ease of positioning. In addition, it will throw us different suggestions that we did not contemplate before. Its credibility is credited for being a tool whose information comes directly from Google itself.

Google Analytics

As I said before, in marketing, EVERYTHING is measurable and without Google Analytics we would be going blind. It is true that there are other tools with which you can measure your traffic, but the information that GA gives you is impressive. It is not really an SEO analysis tool as such , but nevertheless, it is almost impossible to run an SEO campaign without it. Why? The data provided by GA tells us if our efforts in the SEO strategy are giving results or not. 

I'm talking about data like:

  1. organic traffic

  2. bounce rate

  3. traffic sources

  4. User time on site

Google Analytics is a super powerful tool on its own but if we combine it with GSearchConsole and Google Tag manager it becomes something like a titan. And it is that linking your GSC account with GA gives you all that useful information about what happens on your site regarding SEO: keywords that people use to find your site, CTR, impressions and other valuable data.

Search Console de Google

Get SEO help directly from Google. No list of free SEO tools would be complete without Google Search Console. This tool, whose information comes directly from Google, helps us to measure the positioning of our URL's or keywords in the SERP, index the content of our site in Google, check errors, block URL's... Let's say that GSC is the panel of control that Google offers us in which it tells us what is happening within our site, what is being shown, what is not and what we should improve.

Google Trends

I ALWAYS check Google Trends for trends before I jump into the pool with a keyword. Why? Because I want to know if my keyword is becoming more (or less) popular. Skipping this step is risking optimizing your articles around a dying keyword. That is, if you plan to write an article about the vintage style, go through Google Trends first, set it to 5 years and discover how the trend is downward. Interested in writing about an outdated topic?

Answer the Public

Answer the Public fascinates me. Google Keyword Planner. Answer the Public is different. This awesome tool finds the questions that people are asking in forums, blogs and on social media . Throwing you, questions, answers, keywords with prepositions in front, comparative VS, etc.

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2022-10-04 23:16

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , the new installment of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe , hit theaters on May 6 and , as usual with the studio's tapes, a month and a half later it opens in the 'streaming' platform, Disney+ . In the last weeks before the big premiere, Disney and Marvel Studios  were warming up by releasing different previews of the film directed by Sam Raimi . If you want to watch more Movie pLease Visit this Website: PlayTubes

One such promotional material was a scene from the film in which Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch ) confronts Gargantos in the middle of the street. Well, in that piece there is a rabbit and a fan has shared the discovery of him through Twitter.

As you can see in the tweet below, the same man appears running up to four times . He is the extra carrying a briefcase in his hand and can be seen as Stephen Strange approaches Gargantos to cast one of his spells.If you want to watch more Movie pLease Visit this Website: uwatchfree Movie

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness isn't the only Marvel Studios movie with buggers. Although the company takes great care in all the details of its projects, some errors always end up sneaking into them. Of course, it is practically impossible to realize when you see the film. On this occasion, however, you will be able to see the film in 'streaming' and look at this rabbit in particular .

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness rounds out its main cast with  Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch ,  Benedict Wong as Wong ,  Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo , and  Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez .

The story is set after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home , after Stephen Strange failed to cast a spell to help Peter Parker ( Tom Holland ) make everyone forget his identity. Now, the protagonist will have to face the consequences of the arrival of the multiverse. 

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2022-07-05 18:13

Hello to all the savages!

I'm new to the forum, although I follow the community on Twitter very closely, today I decided to publish a personal document for one of the aspects that cost SEOs the most... the dear backlinks. I will use URL Opener to create backlinks with a good speed. 

Credits: This super compilation of links I have been collecting from various sources (todobacklinks, Enlazator and a joint one), then in the tabs of the file you will be able to see some websites that I discovered experimenting with Webs 2.0 (these are totally mine) and once I contracted backlinks in Fiverr ( never again, although 10% of the links were only worth it).

In the document you will find a long list of multi-thematic backlinks, in which you can sort by category (if I had more time I would pass them through Ahrefs batch analysis but better done than perfect) and in the following pages you will find small lists of .EDU links, guestpost profiles, a lead magnet from Enlazator and web 2.0 and tests that I have been doing.

-Without further ado, here you can see the document Url Opener




















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2022-07-04 23:13

Obi-Wan Kenobi is considered from the beginning as a miniseries for Disney + . But throughout the history of television, we have seen how some miniseries have become series suddenly giving it a second season . As is the case with Big Little Lies .

The first installment ended this Wednesday, June 22, with the broadcast of the episode 'Part VI' (1x06) , so many Star Wars fans wonder if Ben's story could continue in a possible new installment. History could have, since it is situated between Star Wars. Episode III – Revenge of the Sith  and Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope . If you want to watch more Movie pLease Visit this Website PlayTubes

Series co-creator Joby Harold and director  Deborah Chow have hinted at the possibility of a second season of Obi-Wan Kenobi on numerous occasions . Even  Ewan McGregor himself has been open to doing it in a recent interview with British GQ :

"I really hope we do another [season]. If I could do one of these once in a while, I would. Would be happy"

McGregor adds that he was excited to be reunited with his co-star Christensen, who donned the Darth Vader suit again in episode 3: “I suddenly had a fear that made me six years old again. I had never experienced that before. I almost shit my pants."

On the other hand, Christensen confirmed in an interview with RadioTimes that he would not hesitate to bring Anakin Skywalker back to life in a second season of Obi-Wan Kenobi or in another series set in the Star Wars galaxy :

"[Oni-Wan Kenobi] was definitely conceived as a stand-alone story. But I would love to continue with this character. I think there is more to explore and I am very excited to be able to do it"

Available at: UWatchFree

But they are not the only ones who have talked about this possible second season of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Lucasfilm president and producer Kathleen Kennedy has revealed that a new installment in the series starring Ewan McGregor is something that has already been talked about:

"Mainly because everyone got together and had an amazing time. Evan had a great time. Hayden too. From that point of view, everyone involved would love to come back. But we really have to spend our time asking ourselves the question: 'Why would we do it?' . If we were to decide to do something else with the character of Obi-Wan, we would have to answer the question 'Why?"

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2022-06-17 16:12

What is meant by URL?

URL is the short form of Uniform Resource Locator and also it is unique for each website. You cannot open more than one sites with the help of solitary link. URL Opener opens the bulk sites in different sites when you copy and paste the list of URLs in the field provided and press the button to open all of them instantly. It shows the address of a website on the internet. An SEO expert can copy and paste the URL in chrome to open up as well as see its web content. URL will show all of your material as it is the path to recognize the location and proper address of site on the internet. Many individuals make use of URL Opener tool to open up multiple Links quickly in chrome. This tool can open up multiple websites as well as can accelerate your work.

What are the parts of URL?

URL is divided into the components; Protocol, Domain and Path.

These parts combine to make a solitary URL. Here is the explanation of these parts with examples:


It comes initially in the link to show the path of a website. It is the name of protocol or scheme that you make use of to find your site on web. Here are different methods that you can pick:

HTTP: Not safeguarded.

HTTPS: Protected by SSL and also is primarily used as is the secure means to situate your site as it is very secure. SSL is the security of your website against any hacking or cyber-attack.

WWW: It means Internet and also can deal with or without http. It is not obligatory to utilize www with the domain name or with the link. Including it or subtracting it from link does not impact it.

https://urlopener.co.uk/ is a link that reveals the course of a site that is located on the net. HTTPS in the start is called protocol and also reveals that site is safeguarded by SSL.

Domain name:

It is the name of your website that is picked based upon the sort of your web content. It represents what you are using or what you are giving.  Let us provide an example: https://urlopener.co.uk/ is a full link that locates a site on the web. When you copy and also paste it in the brand-new tab it will immediately open up as you place the appropriate and also precise course of that site on the net. In this attire resource locator, urlopener will be called as a domain name.

Third part, path of the site:

Path is the third part of link. It shows the exact location of your site online and its subpages.

In https://urlopener.co.uk/.co.uk is the top degree domain which shows entity that you pick to show your organization on the net. .co.uk reveals that your site is registered in UK. On the other hand, .com shows that site is located in the United States. Domain name ".edu" reveals that a site is related to education. Various universities and colleges use this type of Top level domain.

The site is separated right into sub-pages. These sub-pages are also pointed out in the link. 

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