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 14 марта 2023, 21:21
Top 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Medina

The Holy city of Medina has a noteworthy history. The magnificent city unfolds many historical places. After performing Umrah Muslims reroute to Medina to visit ancient places such as mosques, gardens and wells. Muslims prefer performing Umrah in the Holy Month of Ramadan. The last 10 days of Ramadan are considered the days of “Nijat” freedom from the hell fire, hence Pilgrims choose the last decade of Ramadan to get maximum reward of Umrah. Make a Plan to book umrah with a reputed Travel agency that knows the value of Umrah & Hajj and offers exclusive Umrah packages to witness amazing places in Medina. You may speak to a travel agency to have the All Inclusive Cheap umrah packages

1. Masjid Al Nabvi ?: The second Holiest place in the world is Prophet’s Mosque. The Mosque takes you to Prophet’s period. It is a sentimental and emotional journey of visiting the place where The Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH lived the final years of his life, and delivered sermons on the historic Minber which is known as the pulpit of the Prophet ?. The Holy Prophet PBUH breathed his last and was buried in his and his wife Ayesha’s house. The grave lay within the confines of what used to be his house. it was adjoined to the mosque during his life. Two of the Prophet’s beloved companions Abu Bakar RA and Umar RA are buried with him in the mosque.

2. Khyber Fort: The historical fight of Khyber was fought between early Muslims led by the Holy Prophet Muhammad ? and Jews who went against their agreement and broke their word, living in Khyber in 629 CE. The victory of Khyber is unforgettable. The Jews hid in their might forts, they were satisfied with their forts but when Muslim Army appeared they were left in shock. The Prophet offered them to surrender but they claimed victory belonged to them. For 21 days Muslims kept on fighting against Jews to capture the fort. The first fort that conquest was Fort Naim. It was captured under the leadership of Muhammad Bin Muslimah, who embraced martyrdom during the ferocious battle. Muslims conquered other small forts later, now the challenge was to capture the fort Qamus which was regarded unattainable. The Army was sent under the commandant of Abu Bakar RA, but they could not conquer. After 21 days the Prophet Muhammad ? said the commandant would be given to the one who is loved by ALLAH and Muhammad ? and he would conquer the Fort. The Army was curious to know who it will be and overjoyed as well for victory. The next day Muhammad PBUH announced “Ali RA” as his commandant name. It was the lion of ALLAH who fought a fierce battle and defeated the Jews. The Khyber Fort is an example of the bravery, valour and audacity of Muslims.

3. Uhud Mountain: The Majestic Mount Uhud is one of the significant places in Medina. It is a mountain of Heaven. The second major battle of Islam was fought on the mountain of Uhud. Hamza RA Beloved uncle and companion of Prophet Muhammad ? who got martyred in the battle of Uhud was buried here. People visit the mountain to experience the spiritual and scenic beauty of the mountain.

4. Masjid Quba: Masjid Quba is the first mosque of Islam established in the 7th century. It is a masterpiece of Islamic and New Classical architecture. It holds great significance as it has been mentioned in Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH built the Mosque with his hands.

5. Beer-E-Shifa the Miraculous Healing Well near Medina: It is vastly believed that the well has healing powers since it is related to the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The well was dug to help Muslim pilgrims who used to travel for hajj and Umrah and required water on their journey. People do believe that the water of the well has amazing healing properties.

6. Masjid Qiblatayan: The mosque of the two Qibla in medina is an eminent place in Islamic history. It is believed that the command of changing the direction of Qibla from Al-Aqsa to Kabbah was descended here, while the last Prophet Muhammad ? was performing Salah with his companions. Thus it has a remarkable history to tell. 

7. Jabal Ayr: This is the second largest mountain after Uhud and is known as the mountain of Hell. In regards to Ayr the holy prophet Muhammad PBUH said Uhud is a mountain which loves us and which we love, it is upon the gate of Heaven, He ? further added and Ayr is a place which hates us and which we hate, it is upon the gate of hell. You can visit these places after booking the Cheap December umrah packages.

8. The Ethiq well and Garden: The Ethiq well is residing on the west of the Quba Mosque. It holds magnificent historical importance in the history of Islam. The holy Prophet PBUH migrated to Medina with his companions after he face extreme oppression in Makkah, The Ehtiq Well was the point where the people of Madina gathered with joy and welcomed The Holy prophet Muhammad ? and his companions with open arms. The entire city came and welcomed Prophet with love and received him with singing and celebrations.

9. Salman Al-Farsi Garden: The beautiful Garden and Mosque of Salman Al Farsi Ring of Imam Ali are located at Tareeq Ali bin Abu Talib, Medina. It is associated with Prophet’s companion Salman who was the first Persian who embraced Islam. Salman Farsi was salve of a Jew of the Bani Quraizah. He questioned his master to set him free, in return he demanded a heavy amount which was beyond his means. He had to pay forty ounces of gold and three hundred Palm trees. He approached the Prophet Muhammad PBUH to seek his help. The Holy prophet helped Salman Al-Faris with his companions. All of them dug the holes and The Prophet Muhammad ? himself planted each of three hundred shoots. With the Barakah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the Garden prospered all the shoots took roots and flourished. The place is worth visiting.

10. Al-Ossia Sanctuary the first bird heaven in Madina: Al-Ossia is a paradise of birds which features various types of Birds of diverse colours and different sizes. It is a must-visit place for people who love birds. An artificial rain enhances the beauty of the sanctuary and casts a spell upon the visitors which is a treasured experience for visitors.

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