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08.02.2021 02.56.49
structural engineering firms london

BIM (Building Information Model) is the process of preparing and administering a project based on an intelligent model. It is BIM that has become the main tool for structural engineering firms !

Building Information Modeling facilitates the exchange of information during the design, construction and use of a building. This allows you to create and manage civil engineering and public utilities facilities faster, more economically and with less impact on the environment. Modern software tools help satisfy BIM processes and methodology. There is a wide range of design, visualization, simulation, and collaboration solutions on the market, all based on detailed information derived from an intelligent model.   

Through the use of BIM, data can be easily exchanged between different design tools and can be accessed throughout the entire life cycle of a building.

Even at the design stage, BIM provides significant benefits, such as simplifying teamwork and project management. These benefits are especially important for medium to large projects. BIM provides more detailed and more valuable outputs - not just drawing documents.  

BIM is also a challenge for structural engineering consultants in terms of established design processes and methods that need to be revised or modified and adapted for design in BIM.

The main advantages of BIM:

  • increasing labor productivity,

  • elimination of errors,

  • control of the entire project,

  • higher competitiveness.

Benefits of BIM for Architects:

  • quick response to changes in design,

  • elimination of errors in the coordination of professions,

  • input for presentation of the entire project to the investor in a higher quality,

  • the ability to use modeling and analysis of a complex virtual building model,

  • flawless communication and coordination with all members of the design team.

Our company Karnoenergy has been designing in Autodesk Revit since 2005 https://www.autodesk.co.uk/bim-360/ The main benefit of moving to this new design system is, without a doubt, a quick and flexible response to changes in design, which allows investors and then construction companies to meet the requirements.